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Piedmont Environmental Alliance’s youth education programs engage thousands of kids and teens in environmental issues every year. We focus on building skills in science, math, and leadership, while providing practical tips about making environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices. Our programs motivate youth to take action in our community to promote sustainability and combat climate change. 

Participants leave our programs ready and excited to share with parents, friends, and others about important environmental topics and actionable steps to protect our planet’s resources. By providing new and stimulating opportunities for kids and teens in the Triad to learn about science, current events, and the environment, PEA inspires youth to become the leaders, scientists, activists, and environmentalists who will solve the complex issues facing our planet.

Our programs are developed and executed in partnership with Wake Forest University's Wake Debate Program and Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

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Energy Explorers

Energy Explorers is a hands-on education program that teaches kids how electrical energy we use everyday is created, its effects on the environment and the importance of conservation. Students get a taste for environmental stewardship and leave the program motivated to make changes to their daily habits.

Thanks to our partnership with Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools, PEA provides the program in 7th grade classrooms across the county. In 2023-2024, Energy Explorers reached 3000+ students across 14+ schools and camps, 100% of students participating demonstrated increased knowledge about energy consumption and conservation, 100% of teachers participating said they would recommend the program to other teachers and classrooms.

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Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts, PEA's water curriculum, inspires students to protect and conserve a precious natural resource-- water! Students will learn about the key characteristics that make water so crucial to our survival through interactive activities and engaging demonstrations. Students will evaluate the distribution of all the water on earth, and will discover the relationship between climate change and our access to water. They will also learn the many ways they can prevent water waste and protect our water sources from pollution.

Thanks to our partnership with Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools, PEA provides the program in 9th grade classrooms across the county. In 2022-2023, Every Drop Counts reached 1500+ students across 15+ schools, 100% of students participating demonstrated increased knowledge about water consumption and conservation, and 100% of teachers participating said they would recommend the program to other teachers and classrooms.

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Environmental Debate

PEA’s Environmental Debate Program develops young environmental leaders with the skills, knowledge, and passion to become change-makers in the community. Students debate a topic that addresses a current and key environmental issue, including solutions to the ongoing climate crisis.

Debate is a fun and powerful way for students to develop critical thinking skills, question the status quo, and deepen understanding of key environmental topics.  Studies have shown that high school debate students graduate at higher rates, score better on ACT and SAT tests, get into better colleges, and perform better once in college.

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Young Eco Leaders

Do you want to help an elementary student develop a connection to the natural world and a passion for environmental action? Our Young Eco Leaders program invites young students to complete activities in 5 climate-action categories to become a Certified PEA Young Eco Leader.

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Educational Videos

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges for the teachers and students PEA serves through our in-classroom education programs. As schools in our region transitioned to virtual classrooms, PEA adapted our programs to meet the needs of our students and serve our community. 

Our suite of educational videos provides students with valuable information about climate change and conservation and provides content for parents who are looking for new ways to teach key math and science concepts at home. 

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