Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts, PEA's water curriculum, inspires 9th grade students to protect and conserve a precious natural resource-- water! Students will learn about the key characteristics that make water so crucial to our survival through interactive activities and engaging demonstrations. Students will measure the distribution of all the water on earth, and will calculate their own 'water footprint'. They will also learn the many ways they can prevent water waste and protect our water sources from pollution!

Update! Every Drop Counts has begun to be implemented in 9th grade classes in Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Schools as of September 2018!

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Quotes about Every Drop Counts

"The presentation was interesting and informative. It touched on some important sub-topics, such as: water pollution & protection, the water cycle, and global water habits/practices. The activities were interesting and interactive"
Donovan Kent, Carter G Woodson School
"I loved the program, it was a well of knowledge for the students and some great review as well!... I really enjoed the various demonstrations and the students loved them as well. They were asking if we could make one later in the year!"
Noah Henley, Wiley Middle School