Join PEA's Green Business Network

Piedmont Environmental Alliance's brand-new Green Business Network is a membership and certification program designed to launch your business toward a more sustainable future. As a part of this new program, participants will complete action items to "green" their businesses and receive recognition for their efforts in the form of cause marketing and network benefits.

Each participating business will receive access to a Budding Business Scorecard or a Green Business Scorecard that awards points for each sustainability action completed. Each business that completes the required threshold of points by October 1, 2020 will become a certified PEA Green Business Member or Budding Business Member in recognition of their efforts. The 4 highest scoring Green Business Members will be nominated as PEA's 2022 Green Business of the Year. Click here to view a full list of resources and benefits available to participants and members.

As part of the program, businesses are encouraged to endorse the Energy, Innovation, and Carbon Dividend Act. Click here to endorse the bill as a business owner or citizen.

Sign up using the link below, or contact for more information.

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