Pollinator Activities for All Ages

Celebrate spring and protect essential pollinators from the comfort and safety of your home and yard.

Check out these great activities for kids of all ages to explore the natural world, from our friends at Gateway Nature Preserve. 

1. Make seed balls to green your yard.

Using native plant seed balls is a great way to reseed the landscape while teaching kids the importance of native plants and the environment. Do you have potting soil, pottery clay, water, and seeds? Then you can make a seed ball!

2. Demonstrate pollination with Cheetos.

Pollinators are vital for the environment, but how does the process work? Demonstrate how bees pick up and share pollen from flower to flower with this great activity.

Click here for more information and the lesson plan.

3. Build a bee and butterfly bath in your yard.

Just like people, bees and butterflies need water to survive. Fill a birdbath or even a shallow bowl near your garden or flowering plants. Add some rocks that are higher than the water surface, or a floating “raft” (popsicle sticks or corks) so the bees and other insects can climb out if they fall in the water. 

Don't forget to carefully observe your visitors when they arrive!

Want more ideas for making your garden attractive for pollinators? Check out this blog post.

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