Where to recycle technology and other equipment

A guide to recycling batteries, light bulbs, televisions, computers, and refrigerators


Batteries have long been a part of day to day household operation. But what happens when that television remote runs dead? Before you throw out your batteries like ordinary trash, do your research. When household batteries are put in trash and into a landfill, they contribute to groundwater contamination and other environmental problems. Alternatively, look for your nearest battery or e-waste disposal center. 

The 3RC EnviroStation will recycle rechargeable batteries for free in Winston-Salem. Stores such as Batteries Plus will also recycle these batteries.

Alkaline batteries can be recycled through mail-in programs out of state, such as Big Green Box or EverLight

Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs are often thrown in the trash without much thought. Today, many people now use energy saving flourescent light bulbs, which have longer lifespans, but these bulbs contain trace amounts of mercury, which is dangerous and should be disposed of properly.

In Winston Salem, the 3RC EnviroStation will accept compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), fluorescent bulbs, and halogen light bulbs, all free of charge.


Televisions are filled with recyclable materials, including plastics, gold, copper, and silver. By recycling TVs, we can greatly cut down on the need for non-renewable raw materials such as plastics and metals.

In Winston-Salem,the 3RC EnviroStation accepts TVs. Goodwill also will recycle or reuse flatscreen HDTVs.


Computers are constantly evolving, leading to old computers inhabiting basements and attics. These computers should not be thrown away as trash, as they both contain repurposable parts and hazardous materials, such as mercury and lithium-ion batteries.

Goodwill is a partner of the Dell Reconnect program for recycling computers. Goodwill will take any brand or condition of computer and resell it, repurpose its parts, or responsibly dispose of them, at any location or drop off center, all for free. the 3RC EnviroStation will also recycle computers.


Refrigerators are are full of materials that are potentially harmful if not properly disposed. The metal they are made of can be stripped down and repurposed, to minimize waste in landfills. The insulation can also be recycled, rather than being crushed and ending up in a landfill and producing greenhouse gasses. By recycling old refrigerators, we can minimize the amount of waste and harmful gas that is produced.

In Winston-Salem, Wagner Appliance will pick up and dispose of your old refrigerator in a responsible manner, reusing parts and refurbishing appliances, to minimize waste. They will also pickup working appliances for resale.

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