Unifi, Inc. and Earth Day 2022: Investing in our Community

“Invest in Our Planet” is the call to action for Earth Day 2022—a motto that asks us to plan for the long-term future of our planet and its people.

“Building a more resilient, just and sustainable Piedmont Triad”—Piedmont Environmental Alliance's mission is equal parts human and environmental, and 100% focused on the region's long-term social, economic, and environmental health.

We are not only proud to sponsor the PEA Earth Day celebration, but we are also thrilled to live, work, and innovate in a way that embodies these calls to action. While Unifi is a global company—with locations that span four continents—our home is right here in the Piedmont, headquartered in Greensboro and with facilities in Yadkinville, Reidsville, and Madison. At Unifi, we like to say we’re working today for the good of tomorrow. That has even greater meaning when we are talking about our hometown community.

Unifi embodies many of the ideas and ambitions around Earth Day and the PEA fair, but we also want everyone to know that for us, that is a year-round commitment. We are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and limit our waste not just in our facilities, but in connected ecosystems near and far. We are a company dedicated to employing a workforce that is healthy, happy, and representative of the communities in which we operate throughout the supply chain. We are especially proud of our commitment to developing innovative, sustainable products like our REPREVE® recycled fiber line, which not only works to limit plastic waste but represents a vital step toward developing a truly circular manufacturing system that is free of waste entirely.

REPREVE® may be recycled but there’s no sacrificing performance with innovative technologies that add benefits like comfort, protection, and durability. REPREVE® fibers can help keep you warm, cool, or comfortable in any condition, and all REPREVE® fibers are made from pre-or post-recycled materials. Whether polyester, nylon, or resin, these performance materials help keep fabric waste and plastic bottles out of our landfills and waterways.

At Unifi, we take our mission to reduce waste seriously. Whether it is diverting more than 30 billion plastic bottles from our environment and transforming them into our products, or keeping our promise to march toward zero-waste at all our manufacturing facilities (5 out of 7 so far), we are constantly looking for ways to innovate quality products that do good for our planet. We’re happy to share our progress with you through our website and our annual Sustainability Report. Better yet, come by our booth at the 2022 PEA Earth Day Fair, have some fun, and learn more about our people, our planet, and our products. 

Above all else, we’re a Piedmont Triad company and we’re proud citizens of this community. We want to help lead the Triad into the future, and we’re honored to stand beside PEA to ensure that the future is one of prosperity for both people and the planet.