Sustainability at home


Your home is one of the best places to practice sustainability! Although an individual household can't solve climate change alone, it is crucial for families and individuals to adopt practices that benefit our planet and inspire others to do the same. Here are some tips to take action in your home:

Energy reduction
  1. Turn off lights and close vents in rooms that are not being occupied.
  2. Set your thermostat at least 10 degrees above (in summer) or below (in winter) where it is typically set when you are away from home for long periods of time.
  3. Wash clothes in cold water cycles and hang clothes to dry rather than use a dryer.
  4. Schedule an energy audit for your home.
Reduce Waste
  1. Know what can and cannot be recycled- has resources for how and where to recycle.
  2. Donate clothes you no longer want rather than throwing them away- Facebook Marketplace, eBay,  Shop Goodwill, Curtsy, ThredUp, etc. are all sites to re-home clothes.
  3. Compost organic waste- Check out this easy beginner composting tutorial by Green America.
Shop Sustainable Products
  1. Buy less- this is the best way to reduce waste.
  2. Choose products that can be reused, like reusable bags, coffee mugs, utensils, etc.
  3. Shop products with less packaging, recycled materials, and refillable content. Look for products produced ethically- click here for examples. 
  4. Shop second-hand clothing products- local consignment shops, ThredUp, Curtsy, Facebook Marketplace, Goodwill, etc. 

Remember, no one's efforts toward sustainability are perfect, but we can all work together to make a difference and inspire people to advocate for big change.