Send a Letter or Video to an Elected Official or Principal

Ask local leaders to take action

Young Eco Leaders learn about the environment AND take action to help protect the planet. One important action is to speak to people who have the power to make big change, such as elected officials or school administrators. By showing them your passion for the topic, you can inform and inspire them to support a more environmentally sustainable community.

Send a letter or video to your local leaders 

1. Pick a topic

Think about environmental issues that you're passionate about, that are important, and that you want your school or government to do something about. Some examples include: climate change (why are you concerned, how might it impact our community and young people, what kinds of change you would like to see) and issues related to food (the importance of eating less meat, local farms, how schools could get involved).

2. Do your research

Make sure to research your topic so that you can include facts and statistics in your letter or video. Here are some great resources to use:

3. Write your letter / Make your video

What is your topic and why is it important? Don't forget to include your facts and statistics. What can the leader do to solve the problem? Include your personal experience and personality. 

4. Share your letter or video

Click here for a list of elected officials and their contact information, or find contact information online and on social media. Let us know if you get a response!

Take a photo of your letter and share it on social media. Make sure to tag @peancorg and #PEAYoungLeaders to be entered into the weekly Young Eco Leaders Raffle. 

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