A Migration Story

A new, free education program presented in collaboration with Forsyth Audubon Society

PEA's newest in-classroom program teaches Elementary School students about the migration of the Wood Thursh, and instills important lessons in environmental conservation and protection.

During a one-hour, multi-media session specifically crafted to meet state curriculum standards for 4th graders, this program tells the amazing migration story of a Wood Thrush that traveled from Pilot Mountain, all the way to Belize, and back. Students learn about bird migration and related terminology and participate in reenacting a bird rescue.

Each student will take home a Kids' Bird Pack that includes:

  • Instructions on how to make your own bird feeder (includes small pack of bird seed)

  • Native Plants for Birds brochure

  • Pack of native plant seeds with directions for planting and care

  • Bird stickers

  • Information about Forsyth Audubon and Piedmont Environmental Alliance

Teachers will be provided with follow-up project ideas and supporting resources for lasting positive impacts for birds and education for students including:

  • Native plants for birds in school garden or landscape
  • Nest boxes and monitoring (provided by Forsyth Audubon Society)
  • Pen pal or Skype with the youth of Belize Audubon Society

Want to bring A Migration Story to your classroom?

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