Fall Equinox Ritual

September 20, 2023 -
6:15pm to 7:15pm
Parkway United Church of Christ, 1465 Irving Street, Winston Salem, NC 27103

Join Forest Edge Cearcall to mark the fall equinox outdoors with fire, an herb ritual, a short wander, and fall goodies. This event is held at the Parkway UCC, 1465 Irving St., Winston-Salem.

Forest Edge Cearcall is a a growing, nascent community of people leaning into the wisdom, care, and challenge of the land. We gather eight times per year for ritual, listening, and honor of the more-than-human communities. We gather outdoors for the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days in the Wheel of the Year, drawing on Celtic practice. We seek healing for eco-grief and centered energy for repair of all our relationships. Gatherings are on or around: December 21 Winter Solstice, February 1 Imbolc, March 21 Spring Equinox, May 1 Beltane, June 21 Summer Solstice, August 1 Lughnasadh, September 22 Fall Equinox, November 1 Samhain. We gather in various Winston-Salem locations. Note: During inclement weather we gather inside the building at Parkway United Church of Christ, 1465 Irving Street, Winston-Salem. Group Contact: Craig Schaub.