Create an Environmental Educational Poster

Share your knowledge and encourage community action

Young Eco Leaders learn about the environment AND take action to help protect the planet. One important action is to share your knowledge with others because the more people who know about an issue, the more people who will take action to make change.

Learn and Create

1. Think of questions that you have about the environment


  • How do we know our water is safe to drink? 
  • What can we put in the recycling bin?
  • What is climate change and how may it impact our community?
  • What are ways that kids can support a healthier environment?
  • What are examples of local plants and animals?
2. Research

Now, use the internet or books from the library to research the topic. Ask your family, friends, and PEA if we have ideas of where to find out more information.

3. Create your poster

Think about what you have learned that you want to share with your family, friends, and classmates. Get creative with your poster. Do you like to tinker with online design programs? Do you love to paint? Your poster should be a fun reflection of everything you have learned. 

4. Share

How can you share your poster with as many people as possible? Can you hang it in a public place? Can you take a photo and send it to your family and friends? Let people see your creation and learn about your topic.

Here are some great resources for your environmental research:

Climate Kids NASA
National Geographic Kids
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Energy Kids

Don't forget to send us a photo of your poster. Make sure to tag @peancorg and #PEAYoungLeaders to be entered into the weekly Young Eco Leaders Raffle. 


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