Support Composting in Forsyth County & Beyond

Cobblestone Farmers Market and Piedmont Environmental Alliance are coming together in 2023 to expand the Market's Community Compost Program, which provides a FREE and accessible way for people to divert their home food scraps from the landfill by dropping their compost at Market on Saturday mornings. Look for the green bins marked "compost only" at market and check out this resource for what items are accepted! 

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Why is Composting Important for our Community and the Environment?

1. Green Jobs

An entire new industry of contractors who use compost and compost-based products for green infrastructure has emerged, presenting an opportunity to establish a new made-in-America industrial sector, creating even more jobs. (Source)

2. Decreased Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As food breaks down in landfills, it gives off methane, a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG) that contributes to climate change. Diverting food scraps from landfills help lower the methane emissions in landfills! 
NC generated about 3.5 billion pounds of food waste in 2019. (Source)

3. Improved Soil Health

Compost is rich in nutrients and helps fertilize gardens and farms. Compost is a valuable fertilizer and helps soil retain more water. (Source

Composting at Cobblestone Farmers Market is just the beginning, sign below if you'd like to see other composting initiatives, including:

  • Compost pick up by the City of Winston-Salem
  • More industrial compost sites in Forsyth County
  • Composting in our local schools & restaurants