Active Hope - Resilience and the Healing Power of Nature

May 17, 2024 -
8:30am to 5:00pm
Salem Lake Center Marina, 815 Salem Lake Rd, Winston-Salem, NC, 27107

The City of Winston-Salem Department of Sustainability and the Wild Ones Central North Carolina Chapter are pleased to invite you to this very inspiring program.

The program embraces the notion that the quality of our environment is critical for our well-being. Nature, and particularly our native ecosystems, is very much tied to our health.

Spending time in nature has many benefits. It provides a refuge and a sanctuary for all of us to use to nurture and heal our spirit, body, and mind. There is no better place than nature to seek and find peace, delight, and joy. If in the process we get to enjoy ourselves, move our bodies, breathe fresh air, and eat and drink healthier, we receive a bonus. We also heal and provide healing for others, as nature allows us to reach way beyond ourselves, into our families, the community, the country, the world and the planet Earth.

The program highlights the power of nature for our personal and collective resilience and well-being. The panel discussion focuses on the importance of native ecosystems, landscaping as a form of healthcare, happiness as an active process, and how our commitment to ecological consciousness and environmental justice can be a force of healing for individuals and communities, and for the regeneration of the planet Earth.

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