5 Ways to Go Green at the Pool

Going to the pool is a summer classic, but sometimes it can be confusing to figure out how to do it sustainably. Here are 5 ways you can have fun in the sun while feeling good about protecting our environment. 

1. Bike or walk to the pool. 
Especially if the pool is in your neighborhood, biking or walking can be a fun way to spend time with the family! Driving cars releases greenhouse gases that amplify the effects of climate change. Plus, it’s far more expensive than biking or walking. Trust us, the cool pool water will feel even better after biking or walking in the summer heat. 

2. Bring reusable water bottles and snacks in eco-friendly containers. 
Hydration is a must, but leave all those single-use plastics in the cabana! Save money and be a great steward of the environment by bringing your own water and sustainably packaged snacks. We all love swimming, but ocean wildlife can’t live without it. Plastic pollution kills millions of marine animals every year, requires tremendous amounts of greenhouse gasses to produce, and leeches harmful chemicals into our environment. Be a friend this summer and help create a hospitable environment for our friends in the sea.  

3. Re-use last year’s swimwear, or purchase from an eco-friendly retailer. 
Truth be told, there’s no reason to buy new swimwear if last year’s fits and is in good condition! The urge to purchase new swimwear each year is real, but a simple google search can prove how little styles have changed over the past few years. If your suit is worn out, try an eco-friendly company like Patagonia, United by Blue, or Outerknown. 

4. Buy PVC-free pool toys.
PVC is made from oil, takes longer than any other common plastic to degrade, and has been shown to increase the rate of cancer, kidney disease, and reproductive problems in animals. Check out this guide to buying PVC-free pool toys. 

5. Recycle old sunscreen bottles. 
Tons of varieties of sunscreen bottles are recyclable, so be sure to include them in your curbside bin if they are listed as number 2. If you have a metal sunscreen bottle, it is likely made from aluminum, so don’t fret! Those nifty spray bottles can be thrown in as well.