5 sustainable business practices to implement at work this week

Fostering an eco-friendly work environment is not only beneficial for the planet but for your business as well. Green initiatives will demonstrate your business’s commitment to sustainable practices and forward thinking. With climate change growing more urgent by the day, there is no better time to start thinking of ways that businesses can be more eco-friendly. Here are five sustainable business tactics to pitch to your workplace in order to reduce your carbon footprint for a cleaner future.

1. Office kitchen makeover

It's time to ditch those single-cup coffee makers with single-use plastic cups and lids. Encourage your coworkers to bring their own reusable mugs and bottles instead. Additionally, promote packing a lunch from home using reusable containers instead of ordering take-out. If you want to take it even further, start an initiative to install an electric composter to properly discard food waste.


2. Set up an electronic recycling and e-waste program

Many of us rely on electronics these days. Encourage your business to adopt a more holistic approach to purchasing and discarding company electronics like computers, keyboards, routers, and batteries. Setting up an e-waste pick-up program can ensure your business’s electronic waste is being discarded in an environmentally safe and responsible way.


3. Invest in eco-friendly office equipment

Investing in eco-friendly equipment can greatly reduce your business’s overall carbon footprint. Transition to Energy Star Certified equipment or install motion-sensored lights and low flow toilets if you want to foster a sustainable future for your business. Encourage coworkers to be more sustainable by utilizing digital documents instead of paper ones, unplugging electronic equipment when not in use, and more.


4. Commute green

Ask your supervisor to provide information and resources for how employees can reduce their carbon footprint through commuting to work. Set up a carpool system, or provide funding for employee use of public transportation. Create a bike share program, and implement bike racks outside the office so employees can easily bike to work. Also, look into reducing overall business travel by meeting up with partners remotely. 

5. Create a Green Team

Want to get other coworkers involved in your business’s sustainability efforts, even from home? Create a green team! Your green team will be the forerunners of sustainability and will encourage other coworkers to make pledges and set goals to uphold eco-friendly practices at work and at home. Generate challenges that involve reducing personal work waste, host monthly education sessions on sustainability topics such as how to properly reuse and recycle, or organize business-wide campaigns like Bike to Work Day or vegan week. 

Although many are working remotely from home right now, it is never too late to take sustainable business initiatives. Take this time with your team to map out your long-term sustainability goals. Let’s all embrace the future of green business together!