A 100% Electric Home

The home electrification movement is really heating up, thanks to new incentives and the increasingly clear benefits for our health and our planet. It’s an opportunity to create healthier homes for our children, grow the green economy, slow the pace of climate change, and so much more. But, what does it actually mean to electrify your home?

Reducing Emissions

The electrification of homes and buildings is all about the transition from fossil-fuel powered appliances to electric ones. For example, replacing an aging gas stove with an induction cooktop, or a traditional gas furnace with an electric heat pump. Today, there are many compelling reasons to make the switch, from big cost-savings and upfront incentives to improved public health outcomes.

Home electrification drastically reduces fossil fuel use in residential buildings, which account for more than 10% of our nation’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. And with more solar and wind energy being brought online everyday, our electric appliances will become even more effective climate tools over time.

Electrification as Environmental Justice

Electrification can also help to alleviate energy poverty, which is worsening the affordable housing crisis and hurting many of our friends and neighbors, whose skyrocketing utility bills are taking up a disproportionate amount of their incomes. It can even support a healthier population by providing an immediate solution for the 13% of all childhood asthma cases in the United States that are linked to gas stove usage. The transition to electrified homes also creates a major green career pathway, as the energy efficiency sector employs nearly 80,000 North Carolinians.

Taking Action Now

The good news is that – thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act – low and moderate income homeowners and renters will soon have access to new rebate programs that will provide up to $14,000 worth of point-of-sale discounts. These rebates can be put towards heat pump technologies – like HVAC, dryers, and water heaters – electric stoves, and various insulation and ventilation projects. They can also be stacked with other federal tax credits and utility discounts to reduce costs even more.

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