Waste Reduction Initiatives

More fun. Less waste.

PEA consults with local community members, businesses, and non-profits to transition to lower waste practices.

Do you want to host a low-waste event or transition to lower waste practices at your business, home or nonprofit?

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Victory for Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools!

PEA worked with administrators, parents, and school board members in Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools to eliminate sytrofoam trays from cafeterias in Forsyth County. As of September 2019, local schools will use reusable or compostable trays in all cafeterias. Thank you, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools!

To further reduce waste in WS/FCS, PEA helped launch a pilot program at Speas Elementary to introduce composting in the cafeteria in May 2019. The pilot which is continuing through the 2019/2020 school year, has significantly reduced landfill waste at Speas, inspired students to delve into the science of compost, and improved working conditions for cafeteria staff who do not have to lift as many waste cans. In the fall of 2019, PEA will work to grow the pilot program to include 5-10 local schools.

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Cobblestone Farmers Market Goes Low Waste

PEA worked with Cobblestone Farmers Market to transition their weekly market to a 100% landfill-free event. Today, Cobblestone Farmer's Market requires vendors to provide only compostable or recyclable containers and no trash cans are available at the market. These efforts were inspired by our very own Piedmont Earth Day Fair, where we have been landfill-free since 2008. We hope to share our strategies for eliminating waste with even more businesses, community groups, and members of the community in the future.