Demos, Music, Kids Activities, & More!

There is something for everyone at the Earth Day Fair!

Scroll through this page for details about children's activities, live demonstrations, debates, music, and other happenings at the Earth Day Fair. 

Fair Highlights
  • Top-notch children's programming led by Art for Art's Sake, Kaleideum and Sawtooth School for Visual Art.
  • Demonstrations to Green Your Life, with hands-on demos and information to get you started with backyard chickens, composting, urban beekeeping, leave no trace camping, and waste free living.
  • Live debate on environmental issues from Wake Forest University's Wake Debate and local high school students.
  • Live music throughout the day.
  • Community yoga, Jazzecise, Tae Kwon Do and more on the lawn.
  • The PEA Swap Shop where you can trade an item you bring for something "new to you."
Schedule of the Day

10:00 AM    Draw & Dance with Art for Art's Sake - Children's Corner
10:00 AM    Tae Kwon Do Demonstration - Center Lawn
10:20 AM    Tiny House  - Fair Entrance
10:30 AM    Community Yoga with Half Moon Yoga - Center Lawn
11:00 AM     Final Round of 2018 High School Environmental Debate Tournament: Should We Eat Meat? - Debate Tent
11:00 AM    Hugh Willard - Fair Entrance
11:30 AM    Jazzercise - Center Lawn
11:30 AM    Leave No Trace Camping - Demos Tent
11:40 AM    Alice Osborn - Fair Entrance
12:00 PM    Art from Recycled Books with Sawtooth - Children's Corner
12:00PM    Farewell Friend - Beer Garden
12:15 PM    Should NC ban pig farming? - Debate Tent
12:20 PM    Ken Cleary - Fair Entrance
12:30 PM    DIY Household Cleaners and Low Waste Living - Demos Tent
1:00 PM      Should NC ban offshore drilling? - Debate Tent
1:00 PM      Michael Daughtry - Fair Entrance
1:00 PM      Barrie Howard - Beer Garden
1:00 PM     Tae Kwon Do Demonstration - Center Lawn
1:30 PM     Low Hassle Composting - Demos Tent
1:40 PM    Bonnie Allyn - Fair Entrance
2:00 PM    Seeds for the Future with Kaleideum - Children's Corner
2:00 PM    Should Winston-Salem phase out cars? - Debate Tent
2:00 PM    Emily Stewart - Beer Garden
2:00 PM   Community Yoga with Half Moon Yoga - Center Lawn
2:20 PM    Jack Gorham - Fair Entrance
2:30 PM    Bring Bees to Your Yard - Demos Tent
3:00 PM    Barry Gray - Fair Entrance
3:00PM     Honey Magpie - Beer Garden
4:00 PM    13th Annual Piedmont Earth Day Fair is a Wrap!

Children's Corner

  • Plant seeds using recycled materials with Kaleideum
  • Draw & Dance with Art for Art's Sake
  • Make art from recycled books with Sawtooth School for Visual Art


Demonstrations to Green Your Life

Join us at the Demonstrations Tent for hands-on programming and lively discussion for fair-goers of all ages.

10:30 - 11:30 am
Which Came First? Backyard Chickens for Beginners
Sprigg Parker, Landscape Designer and Horticulturist

Learn how to navigate the highly comical, sometimes bewildering, but always rewarding art of backyard "chickenry”.  We will provide a hands-on candling demonstration for would-be incubators, answer questions about small-scale poultry husbandry, and provide easy steps for setting up a coop in your backyard. And, we’ll have a few fluffy friends for fair-goers to meet.

11:30 - 12:30 pm
Leave No Trace Camping
JD Dooley & Will Morris, Mast General Store

Prepare for your summer outdoor adventures with Leave No Trace experts from the Mast General Store. Learn about responsible and environmentally sustainable camping techniques and check out the most up-to-date gear on the market.

12:30 - 1:30pm
DIY Household Cleaners and Low-Waste Living
Christy Robinson and Leah Lavin, Piedmont Environmental Alliance

Learn simple ways to reduce your environmental impact with Christy Robinson and Leah Lavin, local mamas who love the Earth. Get recipes for simple, cheap, and effective household cleaners (and take home a sample of laundry detergent), and learn ways to reduce waste in your home. You’ll leave with some new ideas for improving your environmental footprint.

1:30 - 2:30pm
Low Hassle Composting
Wake Forest University Campus Garden

Get your hands dirty with the Wake Forest University Campus Garden as you learn about thermophillic (hot) and vermi (worm) composting in your home. You’ll gain the tools and experience to start your own low-hassle compost, and will practice taking soil samples and interpreting the results to create a garden fertility plan that best utilizes homemade compost.

2:30 - 3:30pm
Bringing Bees to Your Yard: Building Native Bee Habitats
Christina Frelitz, Forsyth County Beekeepers Association

Join the Forsyth Co. Beekeepers Association to learn how to make your yard more bee friendly. We'll make two versions of native bee houses and you’ll leave with instructions for making your own at home. Stop in to see the finished bee hotel, a honey bee hive, an observation hive (with honey bees) that illustrates the differences in bee species, and a native bee chart with pictures of many different bee species.

Musical Performances

10:20 AM Tiny House - Fair Entrance
11:00 AM Hugh Willard - Fair Entrance
11:45 AM Alice Osborn - Fair Entrance
12:00 PM Farewell Friend - Beer Garden
12:20 PM Ken Cleary - Fair Entrance
1:00 PM Michael Daughtry - Fair Entrance
1:00 PM Barrie Howard - Beer Garden
1:40 PM Bonnie Allyn - Fair Entrance
2:00 PM Emily Stewart - Beer Garden
2:20 PM Jack Gorham - Fair Entrance
3:00 PM Barry Gray - Fair Entrance
3:00 PM Honey Magpie - Beer Garden

Live Debate

Stop by the Debate Tent hosted by Wake Forest University's Wake Debate to hear high school and university students from across the community argue both sides of a controversial and timely environmental issues. Have strong opinions? Jump into the action with a question or comment!

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Should We Eat Meat?
Final Round of 2018 Environmental Debate Tournament Hosted by PEA and Wake Debate

Almost 100 students from 13 high schools in the Piedmont Triad participated in this year’s Environmental Debate Tournament, hosted by Piedmont Environmental Alliance and Wake Debate. After more than 65 rounds of debate, the semi-finalist teams - Reagan High School students Aidan McCarthy and Nick Walker and West Forsyth High School’s Jessica Turner and Noah Williams - will go head to head for the tournament trophy.

12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
Should North Carolina Ban Pig Farming?
Wake Forest University Debate Team

Is pig farming an economic necessity for North Carolina or do the public health and environmental risks outweigh the benefits? Find out more with Wake Debate.

1:00 pm - 1:35 pm
Should North Carolina Ban Offshore Drilling?
Wake Forest University Debate Team

Does North Carolina need to get into the oil exploration business or will off-shore drilling jeopardize the natural resources and seaside economies of our state? Join Wake Debate to hear both sides of this controversial topic.

2:00 pm - 2:35 pm
Should Winston-Salem Phase Out Automobile Use?
Wake Forest University Debate Team

Downtown Winston-Salem is growing rapidly, bringing problems with traffic, parking, and congestion. Is the solution a ban on cars? Wake Debate will explore this important topic.


And More!

  • Join Half Moon Yoga for two free flows at 10:30AM and 2PM
  • Get moving with Jazzercise at 11:30AM
  • Eat delicious food and enjoy the festive beer garden all day long