More on Recycling from PEA Member Barbara

As a follow up to my recycling tip blog on October 2nd, I made a visit to the Winston-Salem Waste Management recycling center.  I met with Terry Feeney, the Site Manager. We spoke about things consumers have misconceptions about which in some cases limits what is recycled and in other cases makes the job at Waste Management more difficult and inefficient.
Some of the things that can be accepted in recycling that consumers may not be aware of are:  pizza boxes, even if there is some grease, but no food in them (food attracts rodents at the center), any metal can or can top (the machine magnets can catch even the tops), staples in paper, paperback books (but not hardcovers), detergent containers even if not rinsed completely clean and even peanut butter jars that are not completely clean.   Please also see the official list of acceptable items as shown via the link in my October 2nd blog.
Some things that are NOT accepted include:  Styrofoam, plastic or Styrofoam takeout food trays (they can flatten and cause problems with the machines), plastic bags, and plastic toys if they have any metal in them.   People should also NOT include any raw garbage, hoses, swimming pools, fan belts, tires, car parts, furniture, clothing (like plastic bags clothing tangles in machines) or garden waste.
The single stream recycling we now have makes it much easier for us to recycle more items.   Various machines aid in the sorting of the material at the recycling center.  But we also have to work together within guidelines of what can be captured and recycled.

Barbara Sprainitis is a retired accountant from the northeast. She started her college experience at the University of Maine at Orono in Environmental Science - Soil and Water Conservation before switching to Business. After graduating from UMO with a BS in BusinessAdministration , Barbara went through the GE Financial Management Program.  Now Barbara is retired and enjoys volunteering with PEA.