Community Engagement Committee

Empowering residents to envision and create a more sustainable city

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Previously, PEA’s Community Engagement Committee conducted interviews with faith communities, neighborhood associations, parent groups, and others to better understand the environmental issues that most impacted Winston-Salem residents. 

Through this series of community-based interviews, the Committee was able to identify and work collaboratively to implement 2-5 small-scale projects during 2018 that improved public health and environmental sustainability.

Potential projects included:

  • Creating additional community gardens to support food access and healthy food choices, and create green space;

  • Improving sidewalks and crosswalks to facilitate mobility, reduce obesity, and support carbon-free transportation;

  • Education efforts to reduce use of and exposure to common toxic substances, including lead and pesticides;

  • Community clean up efforts to encourage movement, create ownership over public spaces, and facilitate community connections; and/or

  • Collaborating with City Council representatives on targeted priorities.