Community Engagement Committee

PEA's Community Engagement Committee is empowering residents to envision and create a more sustainable city. Following interviews conducted with faith communities, neighborhood associations, parent groups, and others, we identified key areas for growth to improve public health and environmental sustainability. In 2019, the committee developed a model for PEA's Green Business Network, which will promote action on environmental sustainability in local businesses. 

Potential volunteer projects include: 

  • Writing letters to the editor to promote awareness of issues within our community.
  • Engaging in city council and committee meetings to strengthen our collective voice on issues of environment and justice.
  • Collaborating with the business community on targeted priorities.
  • Collaborating with City Council representatives and City employees on targeted priorities.

Do you want to play a role in making our community more environmentally sustainable? Sign up below to become a member of the Community Engagement Committee today!